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majicMIX realistic|写实类模型-

majicMIX realistic 这个模型还是有点不够接近真人,但是已经算是排第二了。

融合了多种模型,可以生成好看的脸部,也能有效应对暗部处理。远距离脸部需要inpaint以达成最好效果。也可以使用after detailer.

A good looking model, suitable for NSFW and dark scene (because I added noiseoffset). long-range facial detail require inpainting to achieve the best results. You can also use after detailer.

推荐关键词 recommended positive prompts: Best quality, masterpiece, ultra high res, (photorealistic:1.4), 1girl

如果想要更暗的图像 if you want darker picture, add: in the dark, deep shadow, low key, etc.

负面关键词 use ng_deepnegative_v1_75t and badhandv4 in negative prompt

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图片[2]-majicMIX realistic|写实类模型--SD模型分享论坛-逃课猫Deepfacelab|AI智能研究站

图片[3]-majicMIX realistic|写实类模型--SD模型分享论坛-逃课猫Deepfacelab|AI智能研究站